Find out more about Tallman's Ag Specialty Coatings - Bringing you custom-formulated paints for farm, home and industrial use in today's most popular colors.Paint industry links.Barn Paint is developed to withstand rigid exterior performance requirements for durability and service on barns, outbuildings, and fences.Contact us for more information on barn paints, industrial enamels, camouflage spray paints, and EZ-Slide lubricating paint. EZ-Slide is an alkyd graphite based lubricating paint that bonds quickly to any clean metal, wood, concrete, and most plastic surfaces.  Ideal for farm, home, and industrial equipmentCamo aerosol paint is made for the serious sportsman.  Use to spray camouflage vehicles, boats, trailers, duck blinds, tree stands, ladders, guns, bows, and almost any other surface.Industrial Enamel is a durable finish perfect for tractors, farm equipment, machinery, tools, vehicles, lawn and garden equipment, furniture, toys, antiques, and more.  Many popular colors of finish coat available, along with two primer colors.Coatings for farm, home, and industrial use in a variety of today's most popular colors. Barn paints, industrial enamels,
	camouflage spray paints, and lubricating paint
Camo permanent enamel spray paint for the serious sportsman. Use to hide vehicles, boats, duck blinds, trailers, tree stands, ladders, guns, bows, decoys, and more. Camo Coatings is made for the serious sportsman. It gives you the best shot at bringing home what Mother Nature has to offer.

Successfully breaking up outlines and shapes with camouflage can blend you in with almost any background, bringing you closer to nature. Also available in a quart can liquid, oil-base formulation for best durability.

Camo Coatings can be used to camouflage vehicles, boats, trailer, duck blinds, tree stands, ladders, ladder stands, guns, bow, and almost any surface where a camouflage coating is needed.

Camo Coatings can also be used for natural crafts as a base coat under decoys, tole painting, and a variety of applications where natural, flat, earth tones are desired.

Camo Coatings come in the four most popular colors that sportsmen and hunters need: Reed Tan, Moss Green, Earth Brown, and Flat Black. All four colors come in a flat finish that reduces glare attracting less attention to the surface you paint.

Camo Coatings is easy to apply, making it easy to change the color of your camouflage. When seasons or your environment change use different combinations of the camouflage colors to adapt to the changing color conditions. Keeping your equipment camouflaged to your most current surroundings is an important camouflage technique.

IMPORTANT! Shake spray paint very well. Flat finishes tend to settle quickly and require longer shaking time than gloss finishes. Shake can vigorously for 3 minutes after metal agitator is heard. Repeat shaking several times during use. Test spray an area to determine proper spray distance.

Apply only to surfaces that you wish to have a permanent finish. Camo Coatings is not designed as a removable finish. If spray tip becomes clogged, it is normally caused by inadequate agitation. Twist off spray nozzle and clean hole with a pin. Clean slot in valve stem portion of spray nozzle with knife or fingernail. Very carefully replace nozzle on valve, shake well, and continue spraying. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES STICK ANY SHARP OBJECT INTO THE VALVE OPENING.

Hold can 10-12 inches from surface to be sprayed, using short dusting strokes. If you spray too close to the surface, you can create bubbles and runs in the finish. After use of your Camo Coatings, prevent clogging by clearing the nozzle. Hold can upside down and spray until only clear gas is emitted (wipe nozzle clean).

Do not expose Camo Coatings aerosol cans to extreme heat or cold. Do not store at temperatures above 120ºF. If container is chilled below 70ºF it may not spray properly. Container may be warmed in warm water (Maximum 90ºF or 21ºC) for 5 minutes.

For best results apply at temperatures between 60ºF and 85ºF. Cold temperatures or high humidity can extend dry time. If applied above or below recommended temperatures, or when moisture and contaminates are present, discoloration or improper film formation may occur.

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